L.D.L. United Union, Inc. (LDL) was created as a sales and marketing company by Mark Dennington (owner of Dennington Safety Gear, Inc. [DSG]) and Paula LaBarbera in order to market and sell the Dennington Safety Harness and other fall protection equipment.  This company was created in order that Dennington Safety Gear, Inc. could remain a research and development company with L.D.L. as its first source of distribution for new products.


Our Goal is to obtain product recognition and bring this product to the industry;


Our Goal is to bring life-saving equipment to the end users;  our main concern is for the people who risk their lives daily Ė we want them to go home each day to their families;


We at LDL believe that the Construction and Ironworkers of the United States of America are the backbone of society. From the construction of the millions of high rise structures down to the construction of residential homes our Construction and Ironworkers are taking their lives in their own hands for the benefit of the people of the United States of America.  In appreciation of the ability of the Construction and Ironworkers of the United States we at LDL would like to provide all Americans with the highest quality of fall protection available at this time. Therefore, we are making it available to you at a price comparable to other harnesses being offered on the market today.















If you take a look at the other harnesses on the market today along with a review of the Federal OSHA standards regarding fall protection you will see that this harness far exceeds the standards. We are further joining the struggle of Dennington Safety Gear with the Department of Labor to bring you higher standards in order to protect all Construction Workers.  Toward this end Dennington Safety Gear, Inc. has now received UL certification and our products will now carry the UL certification logo.  This testing was done to the Federal Standard and proves that the Dennington Safety Harness is the only harness to meet and exceed that standard in performance.

The encounter with the Department of Labor is one in which we feel is needed due to the fact that the standards should be risen in order to protect the worker.   Now that the UL certification has been received we will provide support to Dennington Safety Gear in their further efforts to raise the current standard.  The standards as they are currently written today deal with 52 year old technology. Donít you think itís time for a higher standard?